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If you’ve landed on this article, you’re probably highly aware of the animated TV show phenomenon known as Peppa Pig, the British children’s cartoon that kids obsess over and parents agree to hate and love.

Side note: If you haven’t seen all or most of the episodes, some references in this article might not make sense. Come back here when you are a bit of an expert!

peppa pig theories

Quick Links to Peppa Pig Theories & Questions:

Why is George Named George?

Why Are Some Characters Humanoid & Others Are Regular Animals?

What is Mr. Potato?

Why Does Miss Rabbit Have So Many Jobs?

What is Mr. Dinosaur?

Why is George in the Same Class as Peppa?

Why Do Parents Hate Peppa Pig?

The character Peppa Pig can be bossy and she can be a brat. Maybe she is a bad influence on toddlers and pre-school age kids.

But she really doesn’t act too far off from regular toddlers, who can be bossy.

Maybe old stereotypes are pushed too hard on the show (remember at the carnival, the carny dog to Mommy Pig at the archery game, “Don’t worry, you won’t win, women are useless at this”.)

I personally hate the show because they always eat cookies (AKA biscuits) and cake in many episodes, triggering my toddler to demand junk food before real food.

Why Do Parents Love Peppa Pig?

Kids are mesmerized by the show. It’s like a babysitter.

When my toddler is acting out and annoying me, I’ll ask what he wants to watch on TV so he’ll calm down. 9 out of 10 times, he’ll ask to watch Peppa Pig.

I also think most episodes are funny and have something for adults.

And each episode run is only about 5 minutes long, enough to capture a short attention span and end quickly enough to leave for preschool or a birthday party.

So What Are the Questions About the Peppa Pig Universe?

I have spent so many countless hours watching this show with my kid, seeing episodes over and over again. I have spent more time watching Peppa Pig than any human being should ever have to endure.

After seeing most episodes literally over hundreds of times, they’re bound to raise some questions about the characters, the logic, and physics of how things work, like time, etc.

Here are my questions about Peppa Pig along with my detailed unofficial explanations.

(Side-note) Are You Listening to This Podcast?

If you are a true fan of the show, you should listen to this great podcast I discovered on Spotify:

I am a bit of an Expert: A Peppa Pig Podcast

“Josh and Matt are a couple of Dads who have decided to do the deep dive on the phenomenon that is Peppa Pig, one episode at a time.”

They are really funny and give great commentary about our favorite TV show.

Why is George Named George?

All the other characters on the show have names that are alliterations.

Peppa Pig. Rebecca Rabbit. Zoe Zebra. Danny Dog. Suzy Sheep. Pedro Pony. Candy Cat. Kylie Kangaroo. Gerald Giraffe. Emily Elephant.

Even George’s clever clogs same age counterpart friend, Edmond Elephant is an alliteration.

So Why is it George Pig? Theory:

Could George be his middle name and that’s what everyone prefers to call him?

As far as I know, none of the characters on the show have middle names. But could they all have middle names that have never been revealed?

Could his full name be something like Peter George Pig? Patrick George Pig? Paul George Pig?

Also, Kylie Kangaroo’s little brother is named Joey. So he also breaks the alliteration naming pattern.

Maybe the little ones can get away with it and it’s because a couple of the parents in the Peppaverse are rebelling against the norm.

George Foreman is the Father

Another wild idea is that George Foreman could be George Pig’s real father. The legendary boxer and grill maker George Foreman famously named all five of his sons George.

Could George Foreman and Mummy Pig’s universes have crossed at some point in time, making George Foreman’s dominant male child naming structure a priority?

Therefore, breaking all existing Peppa Pig alliteration naming rules and patterns to make their illegitimate child’s name George Pig.

Think about it.

Why Are Some Animal Characters Humanoid While Other Animals Are Just Regular Animals?

This is another popular topic I’ve seen in other articles and videos about Peppa Pig.

Birds are birds. Fish are fish. Tortoises are tortoises. Ducks are ducks. Spiders are spiders. But pigs, dogs, cats, elephants, giraffes, sheep, rabbits, etc., are humanoids.

I have read the theories and Animal Farm comparisons, saying it’s “a post-apocalyptic world where all humans have been wiped out, leaving the other mammals at the top of the food chain. All the inferior animals have now taken on the role previously filled by the mammals – they are pets and livestock.”

But that doesn’t explain the Queen and Father Christmas (Santa). Those two characters are humans existing in the Peppa Pig world. So humans could not have fully been wiped out.

And to throw a nasty wrench into things, the Peppa Pig Live show features a human character named Daisy, who is a new friend to the Peppaverse and interacts with Peppa and George and Madame Gazelle and sings with the playgroup as a human.

So Why the Differences? Theory:

It’s a children’s TV show. The rules can evolve as the show gets more popular and demands more characters because kids don’t care.

Maybe at the beginning of the series, it was easier for the writers to use easily recognizable farm and domesticated animals as the main speaking characters.

The birds and ducks and turtles and fish were just the “other animals” that easily separated from the talking mammals.

But then in later episodes the writers wanted to include big historical figures like Father Christmas and the Queen for special episodes.

Could Father Christmas be portrayed by a male pig Santa? Sure.

Could the Queen be a Mummy Pig lookalike with a crown? Sure.

But Father Christmas and the Queen are humans and kids don’t care.

There’s even an appearance of reptile Mrs. Crocodile in a 2017 episode, who looks like a regular crocodile.

So with all that said:

Either Peppa Pig started in a post-apocalyptic world where mammals took over the role of humans, leaving the rest of the inferior animals as slaves and food. Then the couple remaining humans emerged for special episodes. Then eventually a reptile evolved into it’s own speaking character as Mrs. Crocodile.


Peppa Pig is just a silly evolving children’s TV show and should not require over-analyzation of its intentions because writers are just having fun writing goofy situations and episodes for toddlers and adults to enjoy.

What is Mr. Potato?

This is another topic I have seen debated online.

Is the celebrity Mr. Potato a large anthropomorphic potato that speaks with a French accent?

Or is Mr. Potato a human person dressed as a large potato that speaks with a French accent?

I am very convinced that Mr. Potato is actually just a large talking potato.


Check this photo:


In most episodes, Mr. Potato could go either way. It’s very possible that it’s just a guy in a suit.

Assuming Mr. Potato’s TV fame is somehow related to his local theater fame, look at the other characters in the Christmas play. More walking and talking vegetables.

It would be very difficult for a walking and talking human baby in costume to be Little Sprout (the small green guy) because that human would have to be the size of an infant that can walk and run perfectly.

No Help from Adults

Little Sprout also hides and does a pretty good acting job in the play, all without the help of an adult animal or human, so I don’t think the talking vegetables are people in costume.

Little Sprout appears in a couple other episodes, but the reality is that a human baby that size performing on cue in a live play in costume as a sprout would be very rare to exist.

Also, most characters in Peppa Pig have a roundish figure, including the two main human characters. Mrs. Carrot is shaped exactly like a real carrot.

If Mrs. Carrot was a human in a carrot costume, then I think the figure would have to be a little more round to match the size of Father Christmas and the Queen, especially around the waist.


Mr. Potato, Little Sprout, Mrs. Carrot, etc. must be vegetables that are playing themselves.

Why Does Miss Rabbit Have So Many Jobs?

Miss Rabbit is famous for working at almost every job in the Peppa Pig universe.

She has worked at, run, or had something to do with the following jobs:

Potato City Ticket Seller, Train Driver, Taxi Driver, Bus Driver, Recycling Centre, The Aquarium, Supermarket Checkout, China Shop, A Coach, Firefighter, Helicopter Flyer, Museum Coffee, Ice Cream Stand, Library, Fair Stand Runner, Stewardess, Moon Shop (museum gift shop)

There are probably more jobs, but that is a good sample.

Many people think that Miss Rabbit is just simply getting fired or losing every job she takes on, and then just moves to the next job.

Others think there are multiple Miss Rabbits that are doing all the jobs.

How Can Miss Rabbit Do All These Jobs By Herself? Theory:

I think Miss Rabbit, and only one Miss Rabbit, is doing all the jobs by herself.

Her services as an employee or volunteer at a job are strategically convenient to each Peppa Pig episode she is in.

For example, in the Potato City episode, she is working the ticket booth.

And basically, the entire town is at Potato City that day.

So why would anyone need a Miss Rabbit taxi driver if everyone is already at Potato City?

Why would anyone need Miss Rabbit to sell tickets at the aquarium if they are already at Potato City for the day?

Why would anyone need Miss Rabbit to scan and sell items at the supermarket if everyone is already at Potato City?

Fire Engine Episode Example

Another example of Miss Rabbit’s job convenience is seen in The Fire Engine episode. Mummy Pig out of nowhere decides to volunteer as a firefighter.

It just so happens that Miss Rabbit is running the firehouse that day, even admitting that she has never had to put out a fire.

But because Mummy Pig is volunteering and has Peppa and George there at the station with her, while at the same time Daddy Pig is carelessly cooking on the grill, a fire finally happens.

Any character could have been running the fire station.

But the running joke of Miss Rabbit holding down so many jobs is convenient to the episode, making it satisfying for adults and familiar for kids.

Other Adults Have Jobs

Remember, Miss Rabbit has a lot of jobs, but she’s not the only one working.

Granddad Dog has his garage. Mr. Fox has his shop. Mummy Pig works from home. Mr. Bull works in construction.

And Daddy Pig works at an office with Mrs. Cat and Mr. Rabbit (Mummy Rabbit’s husband, not Miss Rabbit’s husband).

More on that in a second.

So just because we see Miss Rabbit working a lot of different jobs, she doesn’t actually have all of the jobs in the Peppaverse.

Miss Rabbit is Single with No Kids

With the name “Miss Rabbit”, that implies she is not married.

Maybe she has always been single with no kids or is divorced with no kids, unlike her sister, Mummy Rabbit who is the mother of Rebecca Rabbit and Richard Rabbit.

Since Miss Rabbit doesn’t have kids to take care of and doesn’t have a husband or significant other to hang out with, maybe she is a workaholic working hard to save money for herself or a future with a partner.

Is Mr. Dinosaur a Generic Toy or a Famous Brand?

This is a very tough question to answer. Overall in the Peppa timeline, we know that Mr. Dinosaur is George’s first toy. And during his lifetime, it is by far his favorite toy.

Mr. Dinosaur gets lost, he gets broken and Daddy Pig mends him, he goes to the dentist with George and Peppa, George makes a Mr. Dinosaur out of play clay.

Mr. Dinosaur ends up in a lot of situations with George Pig and the family.

Even in his fantasies, George imagines himself as Mr. Dinosaur:

And the local museum has dinosaur bones in the same shape as Mr. Dinosaur:

In Grampy Rabbit’s dinosaur park, there are other generic dinosaurs like this:

Richard Rabbit has a similar dinosaur toy:

So it seems as if Mr. Dinosaur is a generic figure modeled after historic dinosaurs similar to classic rubber toys.

But why does Miss Rabbit have a Mr. Dinosaur shaped balloon to sell?

Why is Miss Rabbit selling a Mr. Dinosaur shaped popsicle?

How does George have a Mr. Dinosaur costume to wear at parties?

Did Mummy Pig make it for him? Or did she buy it off a shelf at a local big-box store?

Wouldn’t a few of those instances suggest that Mr. Dinosaur is some kind of character or brand like Mr. Potato in the Peppa Pig universe?

Mr. Dinosaur Theory:

I am about 97% sure that Mr. Dinosaur is a generic dinosaur toy that George Pig loves. And that’s all.

As far as I’ve seen, Mr. Dinosaur has never appeared on TV and has never existed as a walking and talking character at the grocery store like Mr. Potato.

George has a pop-up dinosaur book that has a green T-rex, but it’s not the same as Mr. Dinosaur because the pop-up book dinosaur T-rex doesn’t have the scales on its back like Mr. Dinosaur. Yet George calls it “dine-saur”.

I think Mr. Dinosaur is just a running joke that helps create different situations in the Peppa Pig universe and gives George a good reason to say “dine-saurr” all the time.

Why is George in the Same Class as Peppa?

If George is in the same class as Peppa, that means Peppa would have started school when she was 2 years old like George and has been learning the same lessons for a couple years.

I would think that maybe Madame Gazelle’s teaching time is like a home room situation. That it’s just a common room where everyone meets and learns a lesson and then the kids go off to their respective age classroom.

But the school is a stand alone building and we never see other rooms inside, so that doesn’t make sense. (Where is the bathroom???)

George in Peppa’s Class Theory:

Maybe there is only one school in their town for their age groups so the kids just have to be together?

And with the little ones like George, I would assume they need time for naps. Maybe during the younger kids’ nap-time, Madame Gazelle gives more advanced lessons to the older kids.

NEXT QUESTION TO ANSWER: Why Are All the Animals the Same Size?

More to come. Check back for more Peppa Pig questions and answers. Submit your questions and theories in the comments below. I will do my best to answer your questions.

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  1. Suzy Sheep: “Why do you have dinosaurs in Potato City?”

    Mr. Potato: “Because dinosaurs ate potatoes?”

    Edmond Elephant:”NO!”

  2. Mr. Potato: “You don’t need to be frightened. They’re not real. But they look exactly the same as the dinosaurs that walked together millions of years ago.”

    Edmond Elephant: “No they didn’t.”

    Mr Potato: “What?!”

    Edmond Elephant: “Triceratops lived in the Cretaceous Period. Stegosaurus was Jurassic. They could not have walked together.”

    Mr. Potato:”Er… how do you know that?”

    Edmond:”I’m a clever clogs!”

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