Safe, Curated Website for Kids and Toddlers to Watch YouTube Videos

Have you been frustrated with the weird videos your kids find on YouTube?

Do you wish there was a website that curated safe YouTube channels for toddlers and children to watch so you don’t have to worry anymore?

Well, you’ve found it!

Bababop is a website that lets kids go nuts watching YouTube videos while their parents don’t have to worry about their children seeing scary stuff online.

Browse some of the hand-selected channels below and watch the parent-approved videos and YouTube channels right here on Bababop with NO ADS and NO POP-UPS!

YouTube videos may display ads, which we do not have control over if a YouTuber has ads in their videos.

Click the channel link that you want to watch:

Sesame Street

BabyFirst TV


Little Baby Bum

PBS Kids

Super Why!


ABC Song

Mother Goose Club

Super Simple Songs

Featured Utube Videos