What is Booba?

If you’ve found this article, you must also be wondering the question:

What kind of animal is Booba?

what is booba
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Booba is, of course, the goofy furry guy in the cartoon series on Netflix and YouTube. The Netflix description about the TV show says:

The world is a mystery to little Booba. But he approaches the curiosities around him with wonder, finding adventure in his everyday surroundings.


I have scoured the internet to try to find out exactly what Booba is supposed to be.

What Exactly Is Booba?

Is he a rat?

Is he some kind of wolf?

Is he a yak?

Is he even an animal at all?

Unfortunately, the only descriptions of him I could find are things like:

  • A curious creature
  • A furry creature
  • Funny and curious little creature
  • A strange creature
  • It

What He Could Be

I think he could maybe be some kind of hairy hobgoblin. A partial definition of a hobgoblin on Wikipedia is:

Hobgoblins seem to be small, hairy little men.


Or maybe Booba is supposed to be a small Yeti or Abominable Snowman.

That could make the most sense.


According to Wikipedia:

The Yeti (/ˈjɛti/), also known as Meh-Teh in Himalayan folklore, is an ape-like creature purported to inhabit the Himalayan mountain range in Asia.


Booba is a Russian TV show. And the Himalayan mountain range is south of Russia in Asia.

Maybe the creators of the Booba show used the folklore and ideas of what a Yeti is to create their main character of the show.

What Do You Think?

Let’s have some fun. Post in the comments below.

What Do You Think Booba Is?

20 thoughts on “What is Booba?”

  1. I have to watch Boooba most of the because my Nephew’s son who is four years old wants to watch only this cartoon and nothing else, there is only one smart TV .He acts like him and wants to do things in the same way , which Ifind dangerous for him .It is interesting but distructive too. So there should be some positve or constructive episodes. That will make it more popular. I love the way it is created beautifully. On my nephew’s son’s birthday’s cake on 31 August 2021 booba was designed. All those who don’t know about booba they know now. But what iit is not clear.

  2. Bonjour,
    Ne trouvez-vous pas que sa queue ressemble à celle de la gerbille ? 😅

    Don’t you think thas his tail looks like a gerbil’s tail? 😅

  3. I think booba is some breed of mouse. He loves anything that looks like cheese. I feel like it’s a life size show about the Rat trap game. (Purposely getting into trouble with traps and mice are curious creatures!

  4. my grandson hunter loves Booba, as he makes him laugh so much . we think he is a funny looking rat.

  5. Hi there, my twin granddaughters, Catalina and Julieta, love Booba so much. They find him funny and watch him a lot.

  6. Hi there, my twin granddaughters, Catalina and Julieta, love Booba so much. They find him funny and watch him a lot. We live in Puerto Rico.

  7. Booba in my opinion resembles a Jerboa which is a rabbit / mouse like animal. In Turkey they call them ‘arap tavşanı’ if you google it you will see there is a big resemblance of this animal. Its tail, ears, eyes and feet resemble this animal..

  8. My 3 year old son LOVES Booba. Think he’s hilarious. I asked him what Booba was and he said he think he’s a goat. 🤷🏼‍♀️ LOL.

  9. My 8 yr old daughter said a goat, I said no he has no horns… I think Booba is more like a yeti but then a yeti doesn’t have a tail like that then I said a rat… idk but it’s fun guessing

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