What Are the Oddbods Character Names?








Fuse (the red guy)

The Red One. A man’s man, Fuse is very pent up with anger and strength. What he lacks in brains, he makes up with in muscles. He’s got a heart of gold deep down, though.

Newt (the pink one)

The Pink One. Girly, sweet, and very kind, cartoon Newt is ultra-caring to all of her friends. However, when she has a goal in mind, that’ll be the only thing on her mind, leaving her a force to be reckoned with.

Bubbles (the yellow one)

The Yellow One. Bursting with energy like her cool name, Bubbles is a scientific genius clever clogs. Whether it comes to archaeology, astrology, or chemistry, Bubbles is fanatic about new discoveries.

Jeff (the purple one)

The Purple One. Prim, proper, and a neat freak, Jeff loves order. Freaking out at the slightest thing out of place or the smallest speck of dirt, he is strait-laced, which makes him good at remembering things, but awful at being spontaneous.

Pogo (the blue one)

The Blue One. Cheeky and mischievous, Pogo loves a good joke, especially when it’s on someone else. Willing to pull anything to make himself laugh, most of the time, the odds are flipped around the opposite of his favor in retaliation.

Slick (the orange one)

The Orange One. Slick might think he’s cool, but he’s honestly farther from the truth. He tries too hard to be smooth, which only ends up with him looking like a cartoon fool.

Zee (the green one)

The Green One. If Zee isn’t fast asleep, he’s stuffing his face with any food he can get his hands on. Hardly part of the conversation, he might be a kind friend, but the only thing that’ll keep his attention is something to eat.

What are your favorite Oddbods characters? Mine are Pogo and Slick! Comment below and let me know who your favorites are!

38 thoughts on “What Are the Oddbods Character Names?”

  1. My name is Michael I’m 7 years old. I love all of them, but Bubbles is my favorite. The reason I love Bubbles the most is because she is very smart and knowledgeable. She also she can pretty much invent anything she puts her mind to. I really hope new episodes keep coming.

  2. Bubbles(my favorite)
    Love watching them all so cute❤️❤️❤️

  3. My favorite is newt the pink one she is so cute I like the way she does things it’s just so cute and I like the way she designs things ???

  4. I am Bubbles. I am 10 yrs old, and everyone in my family calls me Tech Girl. Bubbles is also like ”to get things just done anyway” & I’m that too! I don’t eat frogs actually… My father is related Fuse, little brother Pogo, big cousin brother Slick, mom, aunt and granny Newt, uncle Zee, and my late Grandpa Jeff.

  5. My name is Will and I’m 6 years old
    Zero is my favorite if he’s not sleeping he’s stuffing his face. And I’m a big time snacker!! Zee and I would def get along!!!

  6. The red one is a meanie
    Pink is very joyful and nice but to girly
    Yellow is smart but selfish
    Purple is a fancy butt but he always needs everything sooooo ✨perfect✨
    Blue … Eh he cool but way to r****ded
    Orange is eh … Kinda good but also pretty r****ded
    Green just lazy as heck.

  7. I just found this show and it is so funny and cute and my kids love it too perfect cartoon compared to other things these days trying to keep my kids kids as long as I can !!

  8. I love Jeff ( My fav color + neat) I love slick (very cool and funny)
    I love bubbles ( because she is smart and too cool compared to slick)

  9. HiiiiI!!! My name is Lojilini! I’m 9 years olddd!! And oddbods is like the bestttt in the woooorlddddd it is my FAVOURITE SHOW!!! My favourite character is Pogo and Slick! So Slick is like so cool when take a look at his selfies or his self! He is like amaz! And Pogo is a cheeky little guy and I kinda trick my friends and family too both me and my cousin! Pogo is also most famous in the oddbods show as well as Fuse another popular! Pogo is not strong like Fuse but he sure can trick! Sometimes you enjoy his tricks! Other times you really wanna get him back! Haha!! ODDBODS IS LITTARLY AWESOMEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. We are ages 53, 50 and grandchild 6 who all love Oddbods. Nana loves the green one. Grandad loves fuse and grandchild, loves, pogo, newt, and bubbles.

  11. My name is Aine. My favourite one is Newt. I like her because she is pink (my favourite colour) and she’s kind. Hmm. ?

  12. No doubt Pogo is one of the best his voice is so qwerky and hillarious more things i like about him is his smile and the fact that he’s like a robot trying to pretend to be one of them and what’s even more interesting is how childish he is and how baby like he looks when he’s afraid

  13. My 2nd fave is Slick because he acts so cool and he got the moves like MJ. The intro when he just moon-walks to the stand made me want to cry happy tears.

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