What Are the PJ Masks Cartoon Character Names?

Here are the PJMask characters’ names. Just click the character picture you want to learn about.


Catboy is the main character in the cartoon. Incredibly fast! Amazingly agile! Able to hear the quietest sounds across unbelievable distances. When adventure beckons, the amazing Catboy leaps to the rescue. Real name: Connor


She can fly! Has super eyesight! And when she flaps her powerful wings, the baddies are sent flying… Keep your “Owl Eyes!” on Owlette! Real name: Amaya


He’s strong, sticky and a master of camouflage. He’s ready to rush into danger and save the day… watch out baddies, here comes the mighty Gekko. Real name: Greg


Main villain on the show. A marvel of mechanical mischief, meet mad scientist Romeo. With all his amazing inventions he plans to take over the world!

Night Ninja

A splat-sticking, back-flipping Ninja who wants to show everyone that he’s the best at everything! A very cool character on the show.

Luna Girl

Luna Girl wants all the daytime things for herself – and she’ll have a terrible tantrum if she doesn’t get her way! Very funny.


Night Ninja’s very own personal army of innumerable pint-sized mini-ninjas.

PJ Robot

Friend of the PJ Masks, this miniature inventor is the keeper of HQ and unlocks the heroes’ new superpowers. PJ Robot is small, cute and has his own language of mechanical clicks, beeps and fizzes.

Wolfy Kids

“Yip! Yip! Yarooo!” The Wolfy Kids are a trio of junior werewolves, always out to cause trouble by racing around town, messing things up, and causing havoc with their combined super-sonic yowls!


At first, Luna is quite taken with this cute creature that will follow her around and do what she says. But, Motsuki is a quick study, and soon eclipses Luna Girl in ways of badness. She has a powerful crystal embedded in her chest which gives her power to travel to the moon. It also gives her the ability to paralyze the PJ Masks. How can something so young and cute be so mean?

An Yu

Protector of Mystery Mountain, she’s an ancient soul, half-girl half-dragon, freed after being trapped inside the Dragin Gong for 1000 years. Now she must protect Mystery Mountain, along with some help from the PJ Masks.

Splat Monster

While searching a cavern on Mystery Mountain, Teen-Weeny Ninjalino stumbles into a pool of “mystical splat”. The next time he sneezes, he transforms into the imposing Splat Monster. Night Ninja has a new master of splat to help him defeat the PJ Masks.

Armadylan pj masks


A big, strong kid, who thinks he’s one of the heroes. Armadylan’s pyjamas turn into a bulky suit of armour, armadillo-style. He’s invulnerable, super-strong – and can roll himself into a ball and thunder about. With these amazing powers, he’s decided to be the best hero ever – but it doesn’t always work out that way. Real name: Dylan.

Now you know all of the main PJ Mask character names. Leave a comment below to let us know who your favorite characters are.

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  1. I hate PJ wack especially blue bird cat he is an idiot. We obviously know that these kido’s are wacky idiots. And we also know that these kids aren’t doin any good. God please bless these wacky kids. Thanks ???????

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