What Are the Zombie Dumb Character Names?

Just CLICK the character picture below to find out their name. Some of their names can be hard to remember since they don’t talk on the show.

This includes season 1 and season 2.


Hana is the young girl, who is the only human on the cartoon. She is friends with the zombie kids.


Zombill is the one that wears headphones with a peace sign necklace. He’s kind of the leader of the zombie children.


Zomgirl is the main female character of the zombie kids on the show. She is based on an actress and wears sunglasses.


Zomkong is the big goofy zombie that is loosely named after King Kong.


Zomjack lives underground and is an inventor.


Zompet is a bat that lives with Zomjack.


Zomson looks like a mummy. He dances a lot and his image is based on Micheal Jackson.


Zomchee is a character on ZombieDumb.


Momo is a zombie dog that is wrapped in a winter sweater. His eyes are buttons.


Zomko is a girl.


Skull is an un-dead skeleton on the show.


Zombo is a large character who acts like a smooth action hero or James Bond. His appearance is similar to Elvis.

2 thoughts on “What Are the Zombie Dumb Character Names?”

  1. In Season 2, all characters can live in day instead of night; and added more characters, including Zombo, Zomchee, Zomkko, and a dog Momo. In Korean; male characters are voiced by Ko Seong-il, while female characters is voiced by Lee Myung-hee.

  2. I don’t see Zombie Dumb on Netflix anymore! DID THEY REMOVE IT? This show is so funny and now I can’t watch it on Netflix!!!

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