What Are the Squeak! BabyFirst TV Character Names?

Squeak! is a children’s TV show that airs on BabyFirst TV. Want to know their names?

Just choose the color below:




Whatever time it is, the Squeak! characters want to know all about it. These three live action mice live in the Tick Tock Clock and simply love time.

Maybe it’s time for a story, time for singing a song, time for playing a game, or just time for a banana, “Squeak!” on BabyFirst TV is a live-action series that takes toddlers and children on an adventure that combines learning with lots of fun through songs & storytelling.


Tog wears the green shirt.


Tizzy wears the red shirt.


Toot wears the yellow shirt.

4 thoughts on “What Are the Squeak! BabyFirst TV Character Names?”

  1. Are there any toys of these three mice? My niece loves them on baby First tv and baby first site doesn’t have toys. Curious to see if anybody knows if toys are out around somewhere to purchase? Thanks

  2. I suppose as I made the mice costumes in my house in Ladywell London SE13 I could make small versions as I still have the small patterns that I enlarged with a 0HP for the costumes
    But as Squeak was axed years ago by a new broom style CITV boss in the UK it never occurred to me…

  3. Literally nobody has expected to see me here at all, but ever since I first watched this show, I’ve always remembered the names of the mice and the shirt colors they wear. I’ve looked stuff up on Google Search to find out what their genders are. I got nothing so far, despite already knowing ahead of time that Tizzy is a boy. For some reason, I have no idea what Tog and Toot’s genders are.

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