What Are the Waybuloo Character Names?

There are 4 main characters in the British-Canadian-American children’s television series Waybuloo.





Waybuloo is “…a philosophy for a happy life, and is like nothing adults will have ever seen before”.

The Waybuloo TV show cartoon is set in the fictional land of Nara. The main characters are called Piplings.

Lau Lau (purple / violet)

waybuloo Lau Lau

Lau Lau is the first Pipling, has rabbit-like features, and has a purple colored body and bright green eyes. She has long ears on top of her head and a puffy tail. And she wears a plain vest with a skirt. Lau Lau loves painting and can often be seen behind her easel.

Yojojo (orange / amber)

waybuloo Yojojo

Yojojo is the second Pipling who has monkey-like features. He has an orange coloured body with turquoise eyes. He has round ears. He has four thick hairs rising above his right ear which flop over to his left like a Homer Simpson comb-over. He like to hide in the log. Yojojo is a talented musician and juggler.

Nok Tok (turquoise / blue)

waybuloo Nok Tok

Nok Tok is the third Pipling looks like a small bear with a turquoise body with slightly tanned skin. He has a little patch of spiky hair bits on top of his head. He wears a lemon-yellow T-shirt. He also has a little tail and big brown eyes. Nok Tok is the practical one who fixes things in the Waybuloo cartoon.

De Li (pink / rose)

waybuloo de li

De Li, the 4th cat-like Pipling, has a pink colored body with huge turquoise eyes, slightly pointed ears on top of her head, and a tail with a bright green tip. She likes to wear a flower on top of her head. She wears a pale pink dress. De Li is very fond of her garden.

More Characters

There are a few more characters in each episode that aren’t the main ones listed above.


Cheebies are groups of six human children that play with the Piplings and help solve problems. They play hide-and-seek and Yogo.


These are the four small butterfly-like creatures that might be the Piplings’ pets. Each one is colored like its respective Pipling.

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